Scalable, Residual Income

Last week Infusionsoft announced they acquired CustomerHub. This is great news for ANY business owner. In fact, Kyle (or was it Nathan?) Leavitt challenged anyone to contact him with a reason their business couldn’t benefit from using CustomerHub.

So Why Should You Care?

I’d like to introduce you to my friend and client Kenny Chapman, “The Blue Collar Coach”, and tell you about what happened the week before last…

On Monday he told me he was getting ready to give a talk at a conference in Las Vegas.

Saturday morning he sends me an email… “I nailed it at the show, sold over a third of the audience…”

The beauty of this for Kenny is, his audience bought not only his product – a big package of CD’s, DVD’s, books, etc. – but they also got a trial membership in his group coaching.

The profitability of this is staggering when you consider that each new customer who sticks with the program after the 60 day free trial is adding $100 a month to an ongoing, residual, continuing revenue stream for Kenny for as long as he can hold their interest (which he is very good at doing).

As any very successful insurance agent or landlord can tell you, when you compare the equity in a business with a residual income to one without, the difference is amazing. Not just equity, but lifestyle for business owner.

Think about it…

What if every product you sold was just the start of an ongoing stream of revenues that was not dependent on you doing an extra lick of work?

What would that mean for your business two to five years from now?

2012 is rapidly approaching. Would this be a good time to look at developing a membership side of your business? Or enhancing it if you already have one?