Free Publicity Does Wonders For This Local Business

Local business marketing doesn’t have to cost much. In this video Mary Miller explains how she and her husband grew their business (Triple M Bar Ranch) from scratch.

They employ a number of free marketing strategies. In fact, she reaches customers with mostly with free publicity and Facebook.

Her story will give you some ideas you can use to build a loyal following for your local business without spending a fortune on advertising.

Consistency is Key

I met Mary at the Boulder Farmer’s Market where she and her family sell natural lamb products.

They show up there every Saturday.

Even on days when it’s hot, raining, or they are just plain exhausted from work on the ranch.

Whether it’s showing up in person, or posting fresh content every day, week and month…

The more consistent you are, the more you will build a loyal following.

Associations Help With Local Business Marketing

As Mary’s story demonstrates, connecting with local groups like your local Chamber of Commerce, trade association or state agencies can make a big difference.

When you connect with a reputable organization, you grow your business reputation.

Not only that, it can often be a great source of free publicity for your local business.

Having a good number of online reviews at your website and on the review networks then builds trust when people look you up.

That one-two punch can be a great source of local marketing for your business.

Who in your town, city or state could you link up with to grow your company’s name and reputation?


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