3 Keys to a Killer Webinar

What if you could deliver a great webinar and make two, five, ten even forty thousand dollars or more all in an afternoon from the comfort of your home or office?

Well, with a little preparation, a quality product and a receptive audience, you can absolutely do it. My friend and colleague Joel Peterson made over $94,000 with his partner in one very successful webinar.

Here are 3 keys to making it happen:

1. Start with a quality product and a killer offer and you won’t have to worry about selling like a late night TV pitch man.

If you don’t have your own product yet, there’s no shortage of great stuff out there just waiting for someone to sell it. You can find them at places like ClickBank or Commission Junction. Caution – there’s a lot of junk there, so be sure to choose carefully. Better yet, joint venture with someone you know or a local business owner.

If you do already have a product or service to sell and it has a track record of selling well through other channels, you are definitely on your way.

What kind of product sells well on a webinar? Products priced from $297 to $15,000 or more can be sold via webinar, but you will probably find the “sweet spot” price range is between $497 and $1997.

2. Over-deliver on content.

“But wait…” You say, “I don’t want to give away my best secrets for free!”

Here’s the deal – relax. First of all, when you deliver real value to your audience, you will gain trust and credibility, plus due to the principle of reciprocity, attendees will be more inclined to be generous with their credit cards in return.

3. Deliver your webinar to a receptive audience.

You should have about a 40% attendance rate from registrations, plus 5-10% who will watch it afterward if you offer a replay.

If you don’t already have an established list, you can build one with PPC, facebook or Linkedin ads, etc. Webinars and facebook go hand in glove because you are creating an event and facebook followers are drawn to events.

To get a list quickly and with no cash out of pocket, find a partner who already has one and either offer to promote your product or even their product to their list for them.

These are just a few of the basics.  For more on this topic visit “Webinars Done-4-You” on this site.

Keep on Succeeding!