3 Points of Leverage

One of the best gifts I received this year came from Dan Kennedy. (Perhaps you’ve heard of him? If not check out www.freegiftfrom.com/connolly) 

Would you like to know what he gave me?   It was this: He pointed out in the December No B.S. Newsletter that we all have the gift of opportunity.

I’m grateful to Dan for pointing the way to a fresh understanding.   And even more so to life for this amazing renewable (“for a limited time only”) gift granted us every day that, to paraphrase comedian George Burns, “…Your name doesn’t appear in the obituary column of the morning paper.”

So, hey, what are you going to do with yours?

If you accept the premise as I do, that thoughts can move mountains, then here are some big levers to help you roll away your “big rocks” as we head into 2012…

1. How can you maximize the “scalability” of your business in 2012?

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach says their members notice that their businesses actually do better when they are away.  What a great insight… and inspiration to take more time off. In fact, he says taking regular time away from your business, just taking X number of days off the calendar, forces you to prioritize and focus only on what matters most, your “Unique Ability” and the relationships in your life that are really important to you.

Production and fulfillment in your business that depends on you is not scalable. What can you offload, delegate, outsource, or automate? Or simply say “No” to?

2. What can you do this year that you’ll be glad you did 3, 5, 10, or 20 years from now?

If I were to write a science fiction novel, it’d be about a secret device that allows you to talk to your future self and versa vice.   Not to get too “out there”, but in a sense, we actually have such a device if we’ll quiet ourselves enough to listen to it. Some people call it “That small still voice” inside us.

Have you ever done something you regretted that, when you reflect on it, you recall there was something telling you, “Uh-uh – not a good move.” Of course the reverse is true when you pay attention to it.  My recommendation? Block out at least 15 minutes for daily meditation. It’s a time to let happen what a Nobel Prize winning economist calls, “slow thinking”.

3. What is your “Unique Ability” and how can you put that concept to best use in your life and business this year?

Again, thanks to Dan Sullivan for this (trademarked) concept. Here’s what I’ve noticed: Some of my best work comes out in a way that nobody else can do it.  What do you do extraordinarily well that no one else can? …that’s useful. I mean, I can curl my lip in a way that nobody else can, but that and two bucks gets you a cup of coffee…

What are three things only you can do amazingly well, that you get a kick out of doing, that provide a way higher level of value to your enterprise, to your market and to your world?

Quick thought on this…

During a talk she was giving at a recent GKIC-Colorado event, Tana Goertz, finalist on The Apprentice, handed me a gift of recognition. Why? Because I was the only guy in the room wearing a scarf (weird, huh?) Her point, that I pass along to you is, what’s unique about you? That people will remember about you.

I’m committed to your success in finding all the peace, joy, success and freedom you desire in the new year.
It’s deep winter and a good time for “imagineering” the year(s) ahead. Keep in touch and let me know how it plays out for you.


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“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’
But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?'”
~ George Bernard Shaw