3 Secrets to Closing the Sale

I’ve been reading Zig Ziglar’s classic book, Secrets of Closing the Sale. It’s really good, I mean this is a great read… So let me share with you just three little things you can put into practice right away for better results starting this week.

1. Take a general idea of something someone else is doing successfully and translate it into your specific situation.

Zig starts the book with the story of how “The Redhead” closed him on buying the house they both really wanted, even though Zig had great misgivings about being able to afford it. She was applying techniques she’d learned from him to a “selling” challenge she had.

2. Be a little hard of hearing when your prospect seems to not be interested.

When Zig reluctantly walked into the house and saw how it really was what he wanted but felt he couldn’t afford, as a defense he did his best to appear disinterested. What do your prospects do when you run an idea past them? In Zig’s case, The Redhead wasn’t fazed in the least and kept right on demonstrating benefits.

3. Ask a lot of questions that lead your prospect to the obvious decision they not only can, but should get your product or service.

Have you ever noticed that when you come to your own conclusions, you feel like you own the decision? Before your next selling situation, why not write out a list of questions you could ask that will gently lead your prospect to their own favorable decisions?

Just a couple of days ago had the good fortune to be part of a committee struggling with a complex and at times contentious issue. By asking guiding questions, I was able to help our committee reach a very satisfying solution. This stuff works.

I hope you enjoy and get some mileage out of these little gems.

And if you haven’t read it yet, do pick up Secrets of Closing the Sale and take the time to read it, pen and notebook in hand. Your business – and personal life – will benefit, that I can assure you.


“You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
~ Zig Ziglar