5 Webinar Traffic Kickers

There’s no doubting the power of a well-produced webinar to deliver great content to your followers and prospective customers… And fortunately, it’s not too late to boost sales in December with an income-producing webinar.

So here are five, low-cost quick ways to drive traffic to your landing page, thus increasing attendance to your webinar and ultimately number of sales.

1. JV Partner – Develop relationships with business owners in your space whose list might be interested in your webinar. If you’re in the internet marketing space, check out http://jvnotifypro.com. If you’re not into the internet marketing arena, you can find other business owners by category in your area using Reference USA, found at many public libraries and accessible on your home computer for free.

2. Facebook guerilla tactics – set up your facebook page with an offer and attract followers by contributing to the walls of people who’s followers might have an interest in your webinar. Don’t be spammy – just say something nice, relevant, helpful and/or interesting. Do it yourself if you have the time and like to chat, or hire from Odesk.com for extremely reasonable wages.

3. Press Release – Your webinar is a newsworthy event. Just make your story interesting enough for a reporter to pick it up and run with it. Check out prlog.org, prweb.com, helpareporter.com and one I just learned about today, free-press-release.com.

4. YouTube – No brainer – just shoot a two minute video with a valuable, fascinating tip and an invitation to your landing and/or sales page. BTW, once you set up an evergreen event, i.e. one that plays automatically, a steady flow of traffic from YouTube will provide a stream of new attendees.

5. Groupon – I’m still playing with this, but you might want to check it out. Assuming you create an event worth plugging, this could be a huge way to build a local or national following. Stay tuned…

Well there you have a few ways to pull in more attendees to your income-producing webinar. You are doing at least one this month, aren’t you?

You can still make December your best month of the year and a well-promoted and delivered webinar may just be your best bet for doing so.

Good “luck”… And keep on succeeding!

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P.P.S  Thought you might like the following diagram…  True, or what?

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”