Acting Up for Attention

Sin #1 in marketing and advertising is what?  Being BORING!  Right?

Be consistent, be everywhere, but for heaven’s sake be fascinating.

Dan Kennedy relates the story of Houdini, the most famous and perhaps highest paid entertainer of his day escaping a straight jacket while dangling from a crane ten stories above the huge crowd he attracted.  Escaping a straight jacket isn’t such a big deal – there were probably dozens of starving magicians in his day who could escape from a straight jacket.  Doing it from ten stories up took imagination, guts and just plain getting it done.

My friend Karen Schaefer wanted to do a little open house to show off her home staging business and instead of sending emails and flyer invitations, she creates a specially designed flyer, wraps it around a plastic cup like big funnel so the flyer’s message wraps around – think 3D – and drops dozens off at a few key real estate offices for all the agents.


Fabulous turnout, successful event and new unintended business – marketing for real estate agents.

What could you do to promote your business that gets you outside the everyday, ordinary and mundane?

So get weird, have no fear, have fun – but get it done!

And tell me how it goes.  Love to hear your comments.  What else would you like to see here?