Beyond Goal Setting

I expect that by now you have set your goals for 2011 and are “off to the races”.  But what I have to share with you goes way beyond ordinary goal setting.

In their book The Blond Knight of Germany, authors Toliver and Constable describe how the top gun World War II fighter pilot ace Erich Hartmann achieved an incredible 352 confirmed victories, far exceeding that of even the best pilots of his day.

What did he do that made him such an extraordinary standout?

He mastered the skill of selecting opportunities.  He developed a keen eye for the sky that could see situations developing that virtually all other pilots were blind to.

This did not happen overnight.  It took many years of diligent practice and constant guidance from an experienced mentor, an ace in his own right.

Now, how can you apply this to your business as we face the remarkable challenges – and opportunities – of 2011?

May I suggest you think that over and develop your own ideas.  Then I’ll share with you my thoughts over the coming weeks and months.