BIG Marketing Mistake… And 4 Keys to Greater Profits…

So this super intelligent entrepreneur from outer space lands on Planet Earth and (naturally) reads the minds of small business owners here on the planet.

From what they’re all thinking, she concludes the biggest hurtle to building a successful business on Planet Earth is getting new customers.

But then (being super-smart) she takes a second look and notices that most have done a lousy job with the customers they already have.

Question: What are they all doing wrong?

Well, they obviously have customers who know, like and trust them, or they wouldn’t be in business at all. But once they make a sale, then what?

For far too many it’s game over, on to the next…

Our alien friend raises an eyebrow and says, “Hmmm… appears to be missed opportunity here.”

She realizes that when an earthling makes a buying decision, they get excited. And, given the right offer, would buy more!

Okay, so could we match wits with this alien intelligence and punch up our profits?

Well, if McDonald’s can…

I mean how simple could it be? They just ask “…Would you like fries with that?”

Here then are four ways to punch up profits and make customers even happier by “Upselling” them while they are in a buying mood with you:

Profit Punch-Up #1 – Do like McDonald’s: At the point of sale, offer something related to the purchase. Just remember – make it relevant…

When you order a juicy, fat-laden burger, you probably want something juicy and fattening to go along with it, like fries or a shake… Can you imagine, “Would you like broccoli with that?” (Keep it relevant)

Profit Punch-Up #2 – Set up a sequence with the expectation that in X number of days they’ll be ready for Level 2. This works well for educational products, like learning Spanish or how to profit with social media. (Did you know that your business has an information business already built in?)

Profit Punch-Up #3 – If it’s a refill or repeat order item, you can offer a special premium or discount when they sign up today for something they are going to purchase anyway x number of days, weeks or months from now. Membership plans with rewards create loyalty – and steady, continual income.

Profit Punch-Up #4 – Offer item #1 at a modest price as a loss leader, then offer premium or added higher priced items at point of sale or later while they are happily involved with the first item. Software companies do this all the time.

And for gosh sake, you work hard enough – have a little fun with this!

I’ll bet you knew this was National Small Business Week, but did you know that tomorrow is “World Turtle Day”?

Example: Check out this facebook contest

BTW, as you are reading this, I’m at Infusionsoft HQ, helping small business owners at the May 2012 Implementation Accelerator with their marketing copy.

If you couldn’t make it this time around, don’t miss the next Implementation Accelerator – it’s a great chance to kick some serious butt by shutting the world off and getting your marketing DONE.

So, here’s a reminder: Memorial Day is coming up, then Father’s Day. How can you mention them in your messaging and tap into your prospect’s wavelength (before some alien does)? If not this year, then how about next?

Gotta run – Make it a week to remember!

Mike Connolly
Keepin’ it Real…

Mike writes and teaches strategic writing for online domination in your niche.  For more information or to take advantage of his services, click here.


“Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself,
where the heck is the ceiling…” ~

(Don’t laugh – this really happened to a customer of mine when a big wind in Boulder
landed his roof in a neighbor’s yard one night.)