Can Your Web Site Do This?

Small business and infusionsoftAs you may have noticed, I’ve been on the road, soaking up hot marketing strategies and networking with some of the most dynamic movers and shakers in the world.

In a few short weeks I was privileged to train with the new crop of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants (Yes, I’m now officially certified), attend Infusioncon and then the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Superconference in Dallas, Texas.

How would I compare Infusioncon to the Superconference?

Both boast a monster, world-class roster of speakers, with Infusioncon leaning a bit more toward technology and digital marketing, Superconference toward marketing content and sales strategies.

Speaking of marketing, this week I want to talk about the second step in your “Perfect Customer Lifecycle”, capturing leads.

Once we’re attracting people to your web site, display ad, store, phone number, etc, we need to capture contact info from those visitors so we can nurture the roughly 90% who don’t buy today into prospects and customers who buy tomorrow. This can be a big opportunity that most businesses overlook.

At this point, two questions usually come up. The first is…

“How do I collect contact information?

Here are six devices, some of which are obvious and some that you may be overlooking:

  1. Landing page with lead magnet and contact info collecting web form
  2. 24/7 pre-recorded message line, with CTA leading to phone, fax, email or web form response
  3. Live representative
  4. Business cards collected in personal networking
  5. Business cards collected by announcing a raffle at a group event
  6. Coupon in a display ad, postcard or letter leading to a request for information or purchase. Responses can be made by direct mail, fax, email, phone or web site visit.

These are just a few ways to capture leads to follow up on, nurture, sell and upsell to and build your list with. What other ways can you think of?

Second question: “What bait should I use?”

Here’s a quick checklist you can use to get an instant profit surge:

  • Newsletter subscription (probably a bad idea, unless you’ve got something really compelling to offer in it – big mistake many businesses make…)
  • Special Report
  • Book chapter
  • Informative video
  • Free consult, audit, analysis or evaluation
  • Tool, such as a calculator or piece of software
  • Geegaws, such as coffee mugs, caps, games and other chochkies you can throw in with serious information – you might be surprised at how these can boost response.

RESPONSE-BOOSTING TIP: Always assign a value to a free offer.

What lead magnets are you using in your business? Which ones are you not currently using that could result in a profit boost?

Best of success,
  – Mike Connolly

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