Collaborate and Conquer

I have a confession to make.

I wasn’t ready for last week’s webinar. I mean really, talking about strategic planning, and he’s not ready for the presentation?


No excuses. Just got to the weekend and realized, “Holy Crap – People are expecting great stuff in a couple of days and I’m nowhere near ready!” Blew it.


It went well. Comments overall were very positive. Room to improve, but hey, for a first run, not too shabby.

So how did THAT happen?

Listen, I don’t recommend you rely on getting yourself in a pickle as inspiration, but here’s how I managed to pull this one out the hat: Leverage, collaboration… and just a little bit of luck. (Yes, Connolly is an Irish surname, but as Brian Tracy put it, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.)

Leveraging the good will and potential synergies of multiple parties has got to be one of the most exciting and – I could point to countless examples, including last Tuesday – profitable activities known to civilized man. Back to our story…

Out of the blue, Monday morning, 24 hours before the webinar was scheduled to start, Nancy Olsen of M3 Planning got a call from this guy, Mike Connolly.

Fortunately for moi, she was gracious enough, available during the time slot and very happy to participate in the webinar. Quite honestly, I think she presented far better than I would have and between the two of us, based on feedback from participants, we evidently created some pretty good value for attendees.

Worked for her because it was a chance for her to gain exposure to new prospects while honing her group presentation.

Three way win.

Hmm, not bad. Also, not possible had I not reached out.

So, who could you buddy up” with that could enhance and compliment the value you offer your clients that would also be served by working with you?

How about joining forces with other local businesses that have an overlap in clientele and “cross-coupon” each other? Health food shop teams up with fitness instructor, book store, bike shop and yoga studio for instance. It’s a question to consider this as you meet, greet and shop over the holidays.

Now, from the “Hit the ground running”, department, Strategic Marketing Insider and consulting client Nick Fosberg, owner of Casey’s Pub in Loves Park, Illinois grabbed the baton from something I offered here a couple of weeks ago, on leveraging “End of the World” buzz, and RAN with it.

Check this: Kudos for taking action. Even more so for the daring he shows in not fearing some will be offended. Wish I could be there for the end of the world…

Next time you’re in the Chicago area, stop by Casey’s Pub in Love’s Park, and tell ’em Mike sent ya’.


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