The Secret to a Higher Conversion Rate

We are fascinated by drama, romance and intrigue. And nurturing prospects into customers is kind of like romancing them, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s say you’ve got your prospect’s attention and captured their contact information. What now – is it time to start selling?

Well, would you walk up to someone of the opposite sex you’d just met and go for a kiss on the lips?.

Maybe you’d want to try a little conversation first…

In marketing, we take a complete stranger and transform them into a primed and pre-sold prospect, ready, willing and able to buy from us.

Like romance, marketing is all about fostering a comfort level about you in the mind and heart of a complete stranger. And we know from our own experience that the more senses you can involve, and the more we can engage the other person, the more emotional the connection.

And that’s good, because people act (buy) on emotion, and justify with reason.

The job of marketing is to tell your story in as many ways as possible, so once your prospect is “on the trail”, they experience you enough to make you seem more believable.

Different ways they could run across you or hear from you might include:

  • Email Sequences
  • Social Media – YouTube, facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  • Voice Messages
  • Live Phone Calls
  • Direct mail – postcards, letters, packages (mailing goodies like cookies, cakes, fruit baskets, tea, etc. brings smell, taste and surprise into the picture)
  • Fax
  • SMS
  • Google Ad Retargeting (Ads that follow you based on your interests)
  • Video Sales Letters*

At the 2012 GKIC Superconference, the winning Marketer of the Year mailed his prospects – hard-boiled engineering types – a techie looking metal-clad brief case in a package marked “Perishable – Open Immediately”.

When his prospect opened up the hinged lid on the brief case, they found a special cake inside while a video screen in the lid started playing, telling his story while they enjoyed the cake.

Do you think he got a pretty good response rate?

Because his Lifetime Customer Value is measured in multiple thousands, the seventy five bucks or so he spent on that brief case and cake resulted in an ROI of 69 to 1…

Yes, you read that right – SIXTY-NINE TO ONE.

The key to all this is to take action and set up a planned series of events that are automatically triggered each time a new prospect enters your funnel, leading from stranger to customer.

And yes, you might even profit from being just a little outrageous…

Best of success,
– Mike

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