Converting Web Traffic to Sales

If you had a nickel for every email, web page, blog post, and Adwords ad about “getting traffic”, you’d be wealthy beyond belief…

In fact, there’s so much talk about traffic and lead generation, you’d think a business could thrive on buzz alone (Works for Madonna, right?) but it’s sort of like a dog chasing a car – what would he do if he caught it?

The key less often mentioned is, what do you do with the traffic you attract? What’s your conversion rate?

If it’s 15% or higher – awesome, you’re doing great!

If not, you may have an overlooked opportunity. For instance, just going from 1% to 2% could double your sales.

As example of how to do this, recently I shared with a client a “grand control” direct mail campaign from Omaha Steaks, a very successful mail order company. Of course, they are on facebook, Linkedin, twitter, have great SEO on their site, AND had the top position in PPC ads for the keywords phrase “mail order steaks”…

They’ve posted multiple entry points into their marketing funnel and all of it drives to a single response in one of four forms, phone call, web form, fax or direct mail envelope.

Here are a just a few things they do to convert traffic to sales…

  • They make it super easy and attractive to get involved
  • They give their raving fans space to comment – it gets real when people you know on facebook show up with rave reviews
  • Luscious, attractive pictures
  • Special offer – reader feels like they are getting a deal
  • Deadline
  • Choice of media for ordering, mail, fax, phone or online according to prospect’s preferences
  • Consistent style with variations throughout create a sense of ease and trust with the seller

And when you get their mail or hit their web site, the offer is clear, compelling (with plenty of full color photos of scrumptious looking meals) and easy to do.

The point is, they are wringing every possible sale out of the traffic they’re getting – and sales lead to raving fans for life.

So is it time to look at the conversion phase in your sales process? What could you do this week to enhance it? What effect would that have on your profits?

For a quick video about this, check out

“The less you talk, the more you’re listened to.”
Abigail Van Buren