Copywriting “Coincidence”?

Last week, all in one day I got to attend our local GKIC-Colorado chapter meeting, featuring Mara Glazer describing (at mind-numbing speed) how Glazer-Kennedy made an additional seven figures in 278 days using “alternative media” and then later that same day another presentation by Matt Gillogly on strategies Perry Marshall has used to attain his “celebrity expert” status.

Hanging out after the GKIC event, Mars Burden of “Launchmen” (, who’s run multi-million dollar product launches for Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Mike Koenigs and others, was talking about his experiences with Dan Kennedy and how Dan reworked parts of Mars’ script in exacting detail and asked Mars if it ticked his copywriter off…

At the Perry Marshall event, Matt mentioned something about Perry’s copywriter and it struck me – Perry (who I mentioned last week as putting out what I thought was some great copy) actually has somebody writing for him. Same for Mars.

Earlier in the day, I’d been listening to Joe Polish who’s hired Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert and others to write copy for him. Are you noticing a pattern here?

I doubt many people pay attention, but a commonality among savvy marketers is, if they are are not super copywriters themselves, they have their own “top gun” copywriters, right by their side in all their important projects.

And when you look at the really successful products and businesses out there, you might notice that smart copywriting is their lifeblood.

But dig this, how many people even know what this thing called “copywriting” is?

Next time you’re at a cocktail party or backyard barbecue, mention copywriting and see what people around you think it is. Nine gets you Ten, they’ll talk about something you file with the Patent Office, and they’re thinking “copwright”. It’s happened to me more than once, even with some people I otherwise thought were pretty alert.

Even my spell-check in Gmail and other programs seems to think “copywriting” is a mis-spelling.

I guess most people don’t need to know about it. Unless they want to ah, let’s say do really well with their business… (If they own one)

Of course, the good news is, you can get good at it. Check out books at the library or on Amazon by guys like Carlton, Kennedy, Halbert, Bencivenga, Hopkins, Nicholas, read the current guys’ blogs, Carlton in particular.

In my case, I start my day at 6am warming up by literally copying by hand word for word sales letters by guys I admire. Then, I do my own. It’s interesting how it affects you.

I find it helps with speed too. And that’s cool because I’m pretty sure the more you put out there and the better it gets, well the better your business gets…

Happy Halloween – may all the evil spirits get “excorcised” from your life!