A “Dynamite” Way to Achieve Your Goals

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I came from a pretty dysfunctional family. (Aren’t they all, in some way? Please say yes…)

My parents were blessed with five rowdy boys, and around my place there were times when you just never knew what to expect.

Like the year one of my brothers and a buddy of his thought it would be cute to start the new year off with a bang. So they buried a quarter stick of dynamite in the farmer’s field across the street and set it off at midnight.

I’m sure it shook every window in the neighborhood.

Suffice it to say, there are less “explosive” ways to bring in the new year.

But have you ever felt frustrated with lack of progress and ready to blast every obstacle out of the way?

Many business owners I know, myself included, invest holiday time into goal-setting and planning for the new year. Let’s say doubling your income in 2013 is on your list.

Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach says you are just 20 habits away from doubling, if not “10x-ing” your income. If you don’t know about Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach, check out StrategicCoach.com.

Studies have shown it takes about 21 days to set a new habit. If you train yourself into a new one about every two weeks, you’ll have more than enough in one year.

Here’s a little system I practice that ties several together:

  • Set goals in terms of 3 big rocks, then all else; Work on big rocks first until they are DONE.
  • When you set a goal, schedule it. If it’s not blocked out on your daily, weekly or monthly calendar, it’s too easy to get distracted. Put it on the calendar, with a starting time and ending time. Which means you’ll need to…
  • Script your day before you begin, preferably the night before.
  • Once you start on one, think end point in time and when it arrives, STOP and move on to what’s next. This will help you keep an eye on the clock and gauge how much time you actually have to accomplish that goal.

My business is exploding (well, not literally), with sales and profits nearly doubling in 2012. It was hard work, but I believe this one little system has made a huge difference.

What if you start out great, but get off track? I find there are days when the the system works beautifully and others when it all melts into chaos. Mostly what happens is somewhere in between.

You just pick yourself, learn from the experience and get back on track.

And if you decide to give this system a try, remember the 21 day rule. Keep at it for 21 days. Your determination will be tested, I promise you.

So go ahead, blast your way into significance in 2013.

Just go easy on the neighbors.

Mike Connolly
Right here with you

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