Getting Past Media Overwhelm

facebook mediaWhen facebook launched its beta version of Graph Search last week, the media landscape rumbled yet again. Does that mean you should go after it?
If you have a lifestyle business, maybe. Even if you don’t, hang on, this isn’t just about facebook…

In Graph Search, somebody can look for “yoga classes in south Denver my friends like”. Let’s say you run a yoga studio in the Denver Tech Center. It might be a good thing to have a lot of Likes from members of your “tribe”.

A question I get asked is, how do I drive traffic to my site? Which media do I invest in?

There’s so much hype and noise, especially about social media, it can be hard to filter real intel from what you read and hear.

Like walking into a grocery store, it helps to have a list in hand. This is marketing 101, but let’s review the formula for writing your list:

1. Get clear on your core values

2. Identify your tribe

3. Describe the unique benefit you present to your tribe. Why would they want to do business with you more than any other alternative they have?

4. Find out where they hang out. In other words, which media do they consume? Where do they get information they trust?

5. Select your media accordingly

Let’s say you sell a tiny gadget that keeps your coffee at just the right temperature for up to five hours. (As in a recent episode on “Shark Tank”). Maybe you would have a profile something like this:

1. Core values: Comfort, economy, convenience, safety, reliability

2. Tribe: Coffee lovers, especially office workers without an easy way to reheat their coffee

3. Unique Value: A great coffee experience that no other product can offer

4. Hangouts: Social networks, office supply stores, perhaps “ridealongs” in direct mailings

5. Best Selection: Test with social networks, once proven move to retail stores, catalog shippers

Sorry guys, but I think the ladies may have a better feel for this. The techie stuff is fun to build, but it’s all useless unless real people are connecting with you or your company’s core message.

Getting that right gets you to first base with your consumers AND makes your media buys a whole lot easier.

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