Hitting the “Sweet Spot”

If you’ve ever played tennis, raquetball or (Gosh, aren’t YOU ivy league!) squash, you know that feeling when you hit the ball right in the “sweet spot” of the racquet? It’s that delicious, little nexus where the ball powers like a rocket off your racquet with very little effort on your part.

Well I contend there’s a sweet spot in your marketing where you will get enormous response out of proportion to a relatively small effort on your part if you can tap into the most intense pain or desire in your ideal client that you also happen to have a solution for.

So how do you find this sweet spot? Here are 3 ways:

1. Run a Survey
2. Identify your tribes
3. Use the internet as your scout

I don’t want to overload you, so let’s talk about each of these in separately. For now, let’s start with surveys.

Do you really know what your ideal client wants or are you just guessing? Why not ask?

Here’s an easy way to survey clients or prospects in just a few minutes.

1. List up to 10 questions that would give you better insight as to how you can solve a problem or make a hurt go away for them.
2. Under each question compile as many answers as you can think of.
3. Sign up for one of the online survey tools if you haven’t already (most offer free limited use versions) There are several to choose from including SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang and now Adobe.

As example of the value of a survey, when I asked recent attendees to my copywriting workshop how they generate new leads, what do you think they said?

The answer surprised me, but now that I have a clearer picture of their world, do you think I’m in a better position to help them?