How to Double Your Daily Output

Double Output StrategyAfter long hours of study, last week I finally submitted my test and application for status as an official “Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers”.

At the same time, I also got slammed with new client work and have been scrambling to keep up with it all, while getting ready for nine days on the road at back to back conferences and a consulting gig.

So “Time” is much on my mind this morning as I write this to you.

Do you ever wonder, how do successful entrepreneurs get so much done?

In all the business owners I coach and consult with, I have definitely noticed this: The once moving the fastest have an acute sense of urgency about their goals.

Speaking for myself, but also I think for a lot of really successful people I know, the challenge isn’t having the right idea or knowing what to do. It’s how do you get it DONE?

That being said, here’s a “tip of the iceberg” look at one of the best ways I know to avoid a serious “time trap” and make lightning-fast progress toward your big goals:

The Trap: Urgency Hijacks Importance – and How to Avoid It

This is what let’s call the “Ivy Lee” formula: Before quitting for the day, write down the three things you absolutely most want and need to get done the following day, and I would add, in affirmative excited statement.

Example, Goal #1: “On Wednesday, November 7, I am totally stoked to complete this week’s newsletter in 60 minutes or less.”

And so on.

Then, the next day, get that done before you do anything else and move on to Number Two, and so on.

Looks easy right?

What happens when you get an urgent call from an employee, or a client, or your kid gets sick or you get sucked into an email message?

It’s okay, stuff happens. Forgive yourself and get back to Numero Uno until it gets DONE.

Remember, the biggest difference between an average income and financial freedom is implementation.


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