How to Predict 2013

If I have one core message for you it’s this:

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

How many millions of dollars will change hands in bets placed on the Super Bowl this year?

In football we set a goal line and starting point. We measure the distance in between them, and take a look at what’s keeping us from getting there.

We huddle with teammates and make a plan. Then we get out on the field and work the plan.

And when you’re out on the 50 yard line facing a 300 pound linebacker, man you better know your numbers.

Which down, yard line, distance to goal, seconds left

But, hey, why not just get out there throw the ball around?

“Nah, let’s just play for fun, we don’t need to keep score…” Yah, right. That would make for an entertaining Super Bowl…

Yet how many business owners can tell you their typical lifetime customer value? ROI of their top three lead sources? Expense creep on an annual basis?

Drucker put it this way, “What gets measured, gets managed.” And it’s all those micro-measures that help us get the ball into the end zone of net profit, lifestyle and vision realized.

I strongly suggest you keep a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly scorecard. Here are eight measures to help you predict – and create – your outcomes in 2013:

1. Cost Per Lead
2. Annual Client Value – for your target market
3. Number of Leads (per week, month etc.)
4. % offers to leads
5. New clients created (per week, month etc.)
6. % close rate
7. Lead source ROI
8. Expense per lead source vs. previous period

You may call these “Key Performance Indicators”, or KPI’s. Or maybe you call your scorecard a dashboard. Or arrange them differently, or pick a different set of numbers to watch. The idea is to find the key indicators and watch carefully.

I have a white board right next to my computer monitor. When one get done, it gets marked. It’s measured by week, with daily KPI’s and totals for the week. What works best for you?

Right there with you…
– Mike


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