Is it a Slogan… or U.S.P.?

At a recent GKIC Chapter meeting in Denver, a question that got a lot of attention was “What’s the difference between a USP and a “by line”, or slogan?”

It comes up
a lot, and I know I’ve struggled with it myself, but let me see if I can sort it out for you.

Once you get this in place, it’s a lot easier to attract the kind of lifetime fans you want for your business.

In essence, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) answers the question, “Why should I do business with you versus any other alternative, including doing nothing?”

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to block out 30 minutes and write down everything you can think of to answer this question. List all the things about you that might cause your prospect to buy from you or your company, and why now rather than later.

I believe this mental exercise could well springboard your business to a whole new level of profit and excitement. That’s the good news…

The not-so-good news is, it can be daunting…

In our society, humility is awarded with approval. We’re taught to be afraid to claim great things about ourselves, and likewise our businesses.

Solution? Get over it…

I’ll bet you are far better at what you do than you give yourself credit for!

And if you haven’t been so great up ’til now, make it so. Then, let the world know!

Your USP can be as long or short as you like, but the more comprehensive the better.

So go long here. Don’t worry about making it sound good just yet, that comes later. Just list all the stuff that tells a story about how you solve your ideal customer’s dilemma or need.

Zappo’s for example might be summarized:

“Best Selection, Super Easy to Use, Unmatched Service”

(I’m guessing – what’s your guess?)

Now… To get a slogan out of your USP, distill just two to five words into a “sound bite” or word picture that captures the most compelling thing about your proposition in a way that easy to say, and easy to remember.

When you visit Zappo’s site, right under the logo (like a “by line”), you’ll notice theirs is

“Powered by Service”.  (Used to be “World’s Most Popular Shoe Store”) –>

BTW, you don’t have to be a behemoth like Zappo’s (now part of Amazon). In fact, your advantage over a big company is you, your personality, the relationship people feel they can have with you and/or your team.

After all, Zappo’s had to begin somewhere too, right?

So, have you got a slogan? If not, what would it be?

Pull out a sheet of paper or your iPad and start writing. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did…

And remember…  “Have fun, but get it done!” (See, it’s easy!)

To your success, and beyond!


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