Got Shark DNA?

local-marketing-tips-from-shark-tank-mark-cubanHere’s a local marketing secret from legendary billionaire startup entrepreneur, Mark Cuban:

“When you’ve got 10,000 people trying to do the same thing, why would you want to be number 10,001?”   ~ Mark Cuban, Billionaire Tech Guru, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Co-Star on Shark Tank

One of the few television programs worth watching is ABC’s “Shark Tank”.   To sharpen your biz acumen and pump your profits this year, you could do worse than ask how well would you stand up in the tank…

Here’s a 21-point checklist you’d need quick answers to if you were on Shark Tank:
  1. What need or desire does your product fulfill?
  2. What’s your cost per unit?
  3. Sale price per unit?
  4. What’s your “Unique Selling Proposition” – In other words, why should your ideal client buy from you versus any other alternative she has, including doing nothing?
  5. How is your business different?  What’s your “Unfair Advantage”?
  6. How are you positioned against your competitors?
  7. What’s to keep competitors from stealing your idea?
  8. What other costs do you incur?  Marketing?  Partners?  Royalties?  Debt service?
  9. How do you market your product?
  10. What were your sales last year?
  11. Profits?
  12. Year over year gains the past 3 years?
  13. How business savvy are you?
  14. How scalable is your business?
  15. What would you do with investment capital?
  16. What do you need help with?
  17. What could a shark bring to the table for you?
  18. What would he or she need to do for you?
  19. What’s your business worth?  How accurately have you valued it?
  20. How attractive is your investment offering?
  21. And above all a shark (or more importantly, YOU), “How do I get my money back – and then some?”

How’d you do?  If you scored less than 11, there’s serious work to be done…

And implementing local marketing strategies can help because they give you a unique advantage.

Cooking up answers to this quiz should get the wheels turning for you.  Did it?  Was it helpful?

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