Obama Winning on the Web

Political campaigns bring out some of the best – and worst – marketing in the world, wouldn’t you agree?

Fortunately, here in the U.S. we’ve got front row seats to what might be called “The Greatest Show on Earth”, (for marketing case studies) our current presidential election campaigns.

Unfortunately for the Romney campaign, Obama’s team is leaving them in dust when it comes to internet marketing.

(Please do not misinterpret – This is NOT an endorsement for the Obama campaign.)

Take web sites for example…

The trick to a successful web site is making it “sticky”. If you capture contact information from more than one of every ten visitors, you are doing pretty well.

Check out what happens when you go to http://www.barackobama.com/.

It’s all about direct response, about capturing the nine out of ten that otherwise slips away. Then following up with relationship-building, education and gradually increasing opportunities for engagement.

A $5 contribution leads to full address, leading to more marketing opportunities.

The Obama campaign is investing millions to drive people to their web site. Note how they focus on lead capture followed by smart segmented follow-up according to response.

It represents a major shift in internet marketing, and one the Republicans apparently haven’t figured out yet.

To the point – how can we apply all this to our business internet marketing?

Are we still sending traffic to a “brochure site” with a confusing array of choices that will be ignored by nine out of ten or more visitors?

Or do we capture leads up front and build with predictable certainty from there…


What’s hangs you up the most in your email marketing?

P.S. I’m still getting questions on how to build a really effective email follow up campaign – post your biggest challenges below and I’ll see if we can’t help you get them fixed.

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