Ryan Deiss: 5 Conversion Hacks

Ryan Deiss knows a thing or two about hacks.

As he himself says, “I find people who have good ideas and can create good content for a certain niche and make their products successful by marketing them online.”

I saw him speak at Infusioncon 2013 and had a chance to talk with him afterwards. 

2013-03-27 16.52.54He delighted the audience with his bag of “Conversion Hacks”.

Here are few I thought you might like, in no particular order:

2. Paid support? Why not get paid for customer support? He says, “Your affiliates are your best support team.” Just put a chat support box on your order form and send inquiries to your affiliates.

4. Clickable Order Forms – People click on the weirdest stuff. Why not give them what they want? Clicking on a guarantee seal yields an “Order with confidence, etc….” popup, for instance.

1. Mobile Rocks – 36% of all emails are read on a mobile device. If you’re going to have an opt in or order form, wouldn’t it make sense to make sure it’s mobile friendly? You can get a mobile redirect that sends mobile traffic to a mobile friendly page.

5. An opinion and five bucks just about buys a cappuccino at Starbucks. The only genius is in your market. Does pretty sell, do you need gorgeous design? Ryan and his team tested about a half dozen landing pages. What did they find? Best results came from a buxom babe and a plain jane stupid simple page design. His conclusion? “Boobs or basic wins.”

3. Instead of tempting people to lodge a spam complaint with your ESP, give them a choice up front with two links that look like this:

Report Spam | Unsubscribe

He said, “The Report Spam goes to us, we just unsubscribe them.”

So there are a few hacks you can try with your online marketing. May you find a profitable place for them in your marketing.

(Did you like the numbering system? Just seeing if you’re awake…)

Now go have fun and make some serious moolah.


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