Sales and Marketing Automation

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Sales and marketing automation is the secret ingredient for modern independent business survival, sustainability and growth.

Did you know that the majority of small to medium-size business owners let as much as 90% of their company’s sales slip through their fingers?

It’s no wonder there’s such a high rate of failure among new businesses. What they don’t realize is that when a prospect shows up in their store or at their web site or on the phone they may not ready to buy at that particular instant.

But they will be ready to buy some time in the next few days, weeks or months depending on their sales cycle.

How do you make sure they think of you when they are ready to buy?

If you give them your best sales pitch first time your prospect walks in the door and then don’t follow up with the ones who don’t buy immediately, all you are doing is preparing them to buy from your competition. And the competitors who benefit from your efforts will eat you alive if you don’t fix this.

Customer relationship management is the lifeblood of your business. Blow this, and your chances for survival are slim to none.

But with juggling your email client, customer database, web site, calendar, project management system, e-commerce shopping cart, tickler file, merchant account, task list and performance tracking, how in the heck can you manage relationships with each prospect and customer and still have time for family and fun?

Fortunately, there is a solution out there, and it’s called Infusionsoft.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is marketing software for small to medium size businesses that nurtures your customers while you focus on what you do best. It stimulates repeat business and turns your prospects into customers for you.

Infusion is the only software of its kind that seamlessly integrates CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation plus a virtually limitless universe of plugin applications to enable you to mold your marketing to fit your business and the lifestyle you desire.

With Infusionsoft you never need to worry about the 90% of prospects who may not be ready to buy from you today. It keeps you in touch with them so they’re happy to buy from you when the time is right.

Sales today, even more sales tomorrow. Sounds like a recipe for success, wouldn’t you agree?

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