Simple SEO – A 3 Step Guide

SEO boils down to three basic concepts – just do these and you’re off to a solid start:

: Great, content? Gee, what a concept…

This one’s so simple, too many site owners miss it completely:
Just write well.

Yes, use your keywords in the beginning and end of your content, but expand on them in the middle with as many synonyms, variations and relevant points as possible. This gives your site authority. Google determines value with an algorithm known as “latent semantic indexing”, which simply means measuring the depth and authority of your content by looking at the extent of your vocabulary as it relates to your keywords.

Keyword Selection

Identify a keyword phrase you can realistically expect to compete on.  Start with a keyword tool like Google Adwords Tool, WordTracker or any number of others, although those two are probably your best bet – Google being the free option.

Essentially, you are looking for an underserved niche.  You find these by comparing number of searches to number of results and adwords in place.  Unfortunately, for longer tail keywords, Google may display zero searches for a keyword with good ad competition (a sign that advertisers are making money) and a relatively low number of results.  Under 300,000 results with no video and lots of ads is the sweet spot.

Get Authoritative Links back to your Site

With a one-two punch of high demand keyword and great content, attracting links back to your site is easy.  Find sites and pages that are high on content, rank well are getting good interaction with readers. 

Offer to write and article or blog post, comment on forums or see if you can buy banner ad space.  Just call the site owner and see what you can work out.  EVERYBODY is looking for great content and/or advertisers for their site.

Just follow these three easy strategies and getting the love from the search engines will be your ticket to free traffic.

See you on Page One!


The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world,
and it would always give you the right thing. And we’re a long, long ways from that.
Larry Page, Courtesy Brainy Quote

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