Simulated Reality…

While internet and email are losing their effectiveness as marketing tools, video continues to captivate.

And as anyone who’s spoken publicly at a live event, online or off, can tell you, speaking is one of the most powerful ways to attract “converts” to your business and way of thinking.

When you combine the power of a recorded video with you doing a live presentation and delivering it via internet day and night, you have a pretty good marketing tool.

What I’ve just described is how automated, recurring webinars can work for your business.

So, how do take advantage of this powerful, hot new medium?

There are several systems out there, and I’ve worked with two of them, but I will tell you that in terms of ease of use and functionality, Stealth Seminars is miles ahead, and pretty much the one that others have tried, though not very successfully, to knock off.

The reason I say that is, of all the systems out there, Stealth comes closest to simulating a seamless “live” experience for your audience. And pretty much nails it.

Just one example of how my friend Geoff Ronning and his partner have thought through this whole thing…

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If you’re attending one of these simulated live webinars (remember it’s actually just a recording), and, let’s say you exit the event, close your browser, shut down your computer and come back to the webinar 20 minutes later, what do you think you would see?

Well, if it was really a live event, you wouldn’t expect it to start up again, would you? No, you would just tune in to whatever was happening at that particular moment. And, that’s what Stealth Seminars does.

And there’s lots, lots more. But, what does all this mean for your business?

Well, for one thing, whether you are an information marketer or are simply providing education and information about your product or service, you can create a much greater sense of URGENCY to take a specific action that you want your prospects to take by creating a seemingly live event, that, unlike a recording, is over when it’s over.

You can also deliver more of a feeling of “warm human interaction” to your audience because it’s almost like having a video conversation with somebody. About as close as it gets. Especially cool is all this is happening while you’re off running your business, watching your kid’s soccer game, or whatever.

And so on. I’ve just barely scratched the surface here…

You just have to experience for yourself. Check it out HERE. (Just click)

‘Till next time…