2 Top “Set It And Forget It” Selling Systems Duke It Out For Your Dollars

“StealthSeminar vs. Evergreen Business System”

If Ben Franklin were alive and running his  publishing business today, I wonder what he would think of these two systems…

They both attempt to make a recording seem like a live event, crunching through “techy” issues like what happens if somebody shows up late?

Or leaves and then comes back – does the recording rewind or just keep on rolling?

And of course, how do you make it all seem real enough to generate sales?

Complex stuff to engineer.  Even ol’ Ben’s head would be spinning…

There are dozens of features on each of the two systems that give you more or less identical benefits.  However, here are a few key differences to consider:

  Stealth Evergreen
Price Structure $69.95 per Month $497 One Time
Support Response Time 3 Minutes Average 24 hours +
Done-For-You Setup Yes No
Live Streaming Yes No
Guarantee Your Events Will Run 30 Days from Purchase


Following is a quick peek into each system.  Let’s start with StealthSeminar:


Overall, I have found that Stealth offers a very user-friendly environment.

Now let’s look at Evergreen Business System:

Evergreen Business System

Evergreen Business System has extensive video tutorials at each juncture in lieu of a highly responsive user support system.

Live Streaming

Why is streaming important?  Short answer: Better “Simulated Reality”.

In plain English, let’s say your visitor wanders off to their email, facebook, to pour a cup of coffee or just accidentally closes the browser and comes back comes back mid-webinar.

Without streaming, she comes back and sees the event starting from a fixed point, likely giving away the fact she’s watching a recording, not a live event.

With live streaming, if a viewer goes away for 10 minutes, when he comes back, the webinar picks up from 10 minutes later.

Just like a live event.

And without live streaming, you pay your own video hosting fees, typically with a service like Amazon S3.

Device Compatibility

With smart phone use skyrocketing past computers and tablet devices outstripping smart phones, you’d better make sure your event works on all these devices, not just a desktop or laptop computer.

Be sure your system simulates a live event just as well on mobile as it does on a regular computer.

Infusionsoft Compatibility

Both systems work with all the major autoresponder systems, however, only StealthSeminar can be found on the Infusionsoft Marketplace.  SS charges a monthly fee for their Infusionsoft Add-On with more robust functionality, while Evergreen Business System includes basic compatibility at no extra cost.

I have implemented each of these two systems for different clients, and can tell you they do convert.  The key to success is execution, and selecting the system that’s right for your business.

And, of course, you must have a compelling offer and be able to present it well in a webinar format.

In summary, which of these two systems is ultimately better for you depends on your preferences for payment, user-friendliness and hosting.

Evergreen has the allure of the one-time only payment and may offer the best savings over time – as long as you are tech savvy, or have someone on your team who is.

Stealth on the other hand, offers outstanding support and a price structure that over time assures they will be in business and able to support their system for you over the long haul.

There’s more to know about these systems than can be covered in this brief article, but I believe these are the key points to consider. Please share your comments below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

To your wildest success,