The Fast Lane to Profits

“OK, so the URL here says PowerCurveMedia – which media?”

“Well, which media would you like to start with?”

“How about the best one to the quickest and highest profits – What would that be?”

“It depends…”

Alright, let’s cut to the chase.

Principal Number One:  One is the most dangerous number in marketing, or in business.

When it comes to marketing, there’s safety in diversity.

A few years back, I was selling solar panels in Boulder, Colorado during the Carter years (Yeah, OK that was a while ago) and when the Reagan administration came in and pulled the plug on the 70% tax credits, guess what happened to that business?

That’s happened with fax blasting, cold calling, email is getting more and more regulated – you never know whether and when something that’s working for you today will be there tomorrow.  Best you have a few alternatives already lined up.

If you’re a real estate investor, maybe it’s street signs, if you’re selling insurance online, maybe it’s Pay-Per-Click or Social Media, if you’re a dentist or attorney, it’s professional referrals.

Question is, do you just go with the “tried and true” when that’s what all your competition is doing?

It’s been said that if you’re ever not sure what to do, look at what the majority is doing and do the opposite.

The superhighway to profits isn’t just the fast lane…  It’s a six lane highway.

What’s your experience?