The Five Things All Leaders Do – Part 2

It’s been said that “Your network determines your net worth”.

Of course this doesn’t mean just hitching a ride with successful individuals; you must be an active, contributing party to the relationship if you expect it to last.  When you meet someone new, are you thinking, “What can I get from this person?” or are you asking, “What can I do for this person?”

There are two things you want to decide on and very carefully cultivate in all your business relationships:  What do you want to be known for and Who do you want to be known as.

Let’s look at each one briefly.

What you are known for is what you do.  What is your “superpower”?  SpiderMan climbs tall buildings, Superman can fly, WonderWoman wields a lasso and Wolverine is armed with adamantium claws.  You want to identify the one ability you have that best relates to the type of person you want to attract.  If you are a CPA known as the tax guy who can save people cash without arousing the IRS, people of wealth will be attracted to you.

“Who do you want to be known as” is about the type of person you are; amiable and easy going or abrupt and hard charging to name a couple of examples?  This is about your story and it gives people something to relate to on a human level.    Consider which characteristics serve you well; for instance being amiable is well and good, but may not get you nearly as much “social currency” if you are friendly with someone as much as someone who is normally brusque would get.

As an example, Donald Trump is known for not shaking hands with anyone.  Doesn’t like to shake hands, and well known for it.  So how memorable was it to a small group of Jeff Kaller’s students attending a seminar that Trump came to speak for when Trump surprised everybody and shook their hands.  “Trump shook my hand!”  is the story they told over and over again.  What would that have been worth had he been known for shaking everyone’s hands?  And don’t think Trump doesn’t think about these things.

Spend 15 minutes and do this exercise:  Write down what you want to be known for and Who you want to be known as.  Then be that person and watch what happens.