The Power of You

The power of being yourself – how soon we forget…

“Bright Shiny Object” (BSO) Syndrome is a big challenge for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to marketing your business. It gets worse every day with the mushrooming information explosion and plethora of products purported to get you where you want to go as fast as possible.

The measure of “BSO Syndrome” is number of books, reports, articles, ebooks, courses and projects that remain open loops in your life right now.

There’s nothing wrong with bailing on a piece that isn’t helpful. But here’s the problem: Every new project you accept into your life delays completion of a current project and the resulting profits that project was intended to deliver.

That delay leads not only to disappointment, frustration and overwhelm, but missed opportunities and lousy bottom line results, compared to what they could have been with just a little more focus.

How many complete projects did you end last week with? How many open loops? How do your results YTD compare to your business plans? The year is 17% over…

Why does this happen?

How effectively we rein in our ADD tendencies can be measured along the behavior spectrum from laziness to leverage. At times, we desperately want help getting from Point A to Point B, so we buy product X, believing it will get us there, but when belief disintegrates in the heat of battle, we start looking for the next vehicle…

So what’s the cure?

It’s more inoculation than cure, but the key is to first realize the power of being you and the resources you already have. That gives you leverage, because now you are selecting solutions based on your own strategy and criteria.

Some of the hardest work you will ever do is looking yourself and developing what Jay Abraham calls your “Secret Treasure” – your unique inventory of skills, knowledge and resources.

A practical first step toward more productive marketing is to review and, if you haven’t done it for a while, update your Core Message. Here are seven steps I use go through the process:*

  1. Unique Advantage
  2. Prospect’s Pain
  3. The Picture of Perfection
  4. Stumbling Blocks
  5. The Solution
  6. Proof That You Alone Offer The Perfect Solution
  7. Call To Action

The power in being yourself and playing the game you have a real passion for and excel in is key to your business breakthroughs and growth. Think Michael Jordan on the court vs. his short-lived career in baseball…

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Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. ~ author unknown