The Secret to UNSTOPABLE Growth

What I’m about to share with you changes everything. But it’s not for everybody…

What if you could grow your business 30% – not just once, but reliably, year after year?

Might be kinda’ fun, huh?

New house, new car, more time off from work, money in the bank…

Unfortunately, the typical entrepreneur gets so busy, he doesn’t find the time to consistently set goals and make achievable plans to get to sustainable growth. He is lacking one key characteristic.

If the following word elicits discomfort, hang in there, it will be worth it. The word is…


Success is actually quite simple. You set goals and make them happen. Not easy necessarily, but simple.

Problem is? We don’t.

But here’s a little (well actually BIG) secret I learned last week in Phoenix (along with about 75 other absolutely awesome Infusionsoft Certified Consultants) from Scott Martineau, founder of infusionsoft, now a forty million dollar company, closing in on a Billion. Capital B…

It’s simply called the Discipline of Regular Strategic Planning (or something like that, I forget), and here’s how it works.

Every (Capital E) week, you take two hours to set goals for and plan the week ahead.

Every month, you take four hours to set goals for and plan the month ahead.

Every quarter, you take 8 hours to set goals for and plan the quarter ahead.

Every year, you take two full days to set goals for and plan the year ahead.

That’s it.

What if you did that, what do you suppose would happen?

I hear you – “But I don’t have the time.”

Your choice.

I challenge you to do it with me. I admit this is daunting, and honestly it’s a little scary committing to it openly.

But l
et’s, as Nike says “Just do it”, see what happens. Most people won’t. How about you – ready to climb out of your comfort zone?

Go for it – I’m in your corner!

BTW, What’s the one thing in your life that if changed would make the biggest difference in 2013?

I DARE you to share your thoughts with me on this!