What Nature Hath Wrought

backingupMayhem may be funny on TV, but what the folks in Moore Oklahoma are now going through is no joke.

You never know when your number may be called.

I raised my family in wildfire country in the mountains just west of Boulder, lived through financial devastation in the real estate crash of 2007-2009, and have been evacuated by a flood warning on Boulder Creek.

Yeah – Stuff happens.

For the sake of friends, family, clients, contractors and employees – not to mention equity in your business – it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for when disaster strikes.

From my friend Rex Wisehart, here’s a checklist of emergency preparations you can implement to guard against total loss in case Mayhem pays you a visit:

  • Make sure your computer data is backed up in a cloud so you can access your data from anywhere.
  • Put the really important information (on a hard drive or DVDs or a thumb drive or something else) in a secure safety deposit box.
  • Put your current client list and contact information in your cloud data.
  • Make sure your staff and contractors back up all work they provide.
  • Keep and regularly update a plan how to get in touch with your family, your employees and contractors.

Like any good insurance policy, I hope you never need any of it.



 (Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)