Why Givers Gain

There’s a saying that “Giver’s Gain” and it really struck home for me several times last week…

“Tune in” and you’ll notice it in a variety of situations and on different levels.

In an obvious example, Russell Brunson put up a video on his blog showing David Frey leading 65 kids kids in Kenya, cheering wildly for Russell as the donor to World Teacher Aid who funded the construction of their classroom. You can see it here:


Now, this does benefit Russell as we look at him in a different light as a giver. It portrays David Frey as a selfless giver, traveling all the way to Kenya to lend his aid. It promotes World Teacher Aid, giving them exposure to Russell’s (and now my) list, putting them in a favorable light. Maybe it benefits some kids where World Teacher Aid works, in the event somebody else becomes a donor who “experienced” the video.
Tell me you aren’t at least just a little bit affected watching it…

Maybe it was seeing this video, but I started noticing the power of giving in every selling and marketing context, including Dan Kennedy’s “Game-Changer DNA” product launch that concluded Saturday. I dunno about you, but I got a ton of insight watching the whole campaign, including Joe’s 8 hour interview marathon on Friday.

Whenever a person comes to you with a complete attitude of giving, well it’s just a little disarming…

Think on it.

Not to sound naive, but how could you demonstrate an outrageous degree of generosity in your business? Not to sound cynical, but how could you do it in a way that enhances your business?