You Don’t Catch Fish with Broccoli

OK, so what does it take to attract the kind of client or customer you are looking for?

What are they looking for right now?  What’s their pain?  A secret, burning ambition?

How can you offer them a solution?

Sometimes you can just connect the dots for them.  Take accident protection insurance for example.  If somebody offers you insurance, you probably won’t be interested unless you are specifically looking for that.

However, point out the risk of financial exposure that a high deductible health plan presents and a way to plug that hole that’s easy and economical and you’ll get a better response.

Add in some personal success and/or cautionary tales, from your own experience or someone you know.  Like how it cost you twenty five hundred bucks when your son broke his arm in two places or how you saved twenty five hundred because you had your protection in place.

We’ll bite at something enticing.  Everything else we swim right by.