Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

With a scant 35 days left in 2012, Santa busily making all kinds of toys, Texas talking about seceding from the Union and Austin getting ready to secede from Texas, Larry Hagman has left us.

Larry as you may recall, played the notorious J.R. Ewing, the “most beloved villain in television” in “Dallas”, one of the most watched soap operas ever. He was in the midst of filming a second remake of the series for TNT.

You may recall (if you do you’re dating yourself) he became known earlier in his career for his role as Major Anthony Nelson in “I Dream of Jeannie” opposite Barbara Eden as his magical genie, “Jeannie”.

He has left his mark and will be missed.

Meanwhile, as entrepreneurs, drivers of the economy – – and our own personal destinies – – we have about a month left to leave our mark on 2012.

Customers to attract, end of the year sales figures to hit. And a new year bearing down on us like Smokey chasing the Bandit on a backroads Alabama highway. (Speaking of old TV shows)

My plans for the month are kind of bipolar, with intense focus on hitting targets before end of year contrasted against devoting serious time for strategic and tactical planning.

And, like most high achievers I know, if you aren’t asking how the hell you can get it all done, you probably aren’t getting all that much done. And maybe you don’t recognize that…

Time is not on your side

So I’d like to end November with a quick rant on how we can leverage our time better with couple of strategies we have easily available, but probably could put to better use in 2013, and as 2012 comes to a close.  YOU need to…

Automate and Delegate

Here’s a big takeaway I got from Rich Shefren at the recent 2012 GKIC Info-Summit. Rich is a marketing guru to the gurus and expert in business optimization, productivity, and growth. Here’s what Rich said, with my own (parenthetical) expansion:

“I don’t do anything somebody else (or something else, like software, robots, etc.) could do.”

This is a BIG challenge for many of the marketers I coach and consult with on a daily basis – in fact, I think it’s maybe THE biggest hurdle you need to get past to really start seeing exciting growth, as I have this past year.

Okay, so how to “automate and delegate” on a more consistent, daily basis then? I’d like to share with you three tips (as in “of the iceberg”) here, but be sure to join me on December 4 for a more in-depth discussion of how to leverage your time and explode your ability to get things done:
  1. Take the time to get clear on desired outcomes and actually map out how they will happen
  2. Keep just two action lists every day – Your “Big Rocks” and your “Squirrel List”.
  3. Let systems deepen and multiply your most profitable relationships

These are just a few of the points we’ll cover in The Five Keys to Peak Productivity on Tuesday, December 4th, just in time to fuel goal setting and planning for 2013 and beyond.

Reserve your place now!

See, I have this funny notion. I heard Chris Hurn, Inc 500 winning owner of two very successful companies and a very happy family man say this and I resonated very strongly with it.

It’s a belief that our mission in life is to be all we can be. What are your thoughts on this?

Feel free to share, love it when you comment!  🙂

Stay crispy,
– Mike

(And be there for the webinar!)