3 Steps to Lasting Renewal for Your Business

As we contemplate renewal, with the coming of spring, here are three strategies you can apply to your business to build lasting value for all seasons:

1. Adopt a “Built-To-Last” philosophy and apply it in all hiring, firing, growth and expansion activities.

During my visit to Infusionsoft recently, I could see the company’s values, mission, purpose and goals on the walls in plain sight and permeating their whole culture. You see it in the energy and activities of employees, in customer interactions. Starting from scratch, and after only ten years in business, the company now has over 8500 monthly subscribers with over 30,000 users and is now on an exponential growth path.

2. Share the wealth – Business owners and entrepreneurs need leadership in the new economy.

As already successful business owners and entrepreneurs, consultants and thought leaders we take for granted basic concepts that far too many business owners just don’t seem to be aware of. It’s no wonder there’s such a high failure rate in small and startup businesses. What the world needs more than anything right now is not more government – it needs a better understanding of the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship.

Side benefit: The teacher always learns more than the student.

3. Ask yourself: Are you asking the right questions?

Whether it’s sales or strategic planning, asking the right questions leads to quantum breakthroughs. It means going deeper than usual to get to the core issues that unlock market and customer acceptance, even dominance. When it comes to crucial issues, be like Socrates; Don’t be satisfied until you’ve essentially asked “Why” at least five times.

How can you put these principles to work in your business? Please share your thoughts with a quick reply.

Best of success,
– Mike

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.   ~ Proverb