Five Ways to Pick Your Niche

When we have a problem we’re intensely interested in solving, we want to speak with an expert – someone who really understands the problem and has the right solution.

The more you specialize, the more valuable you become.

So, here are five tips for identifying your particular niche, or “sweet spot” that only you can find in your market

1. What’s your passion?  Yes, Mabel how you feel about your work matters…

2. What’s your secret power?  What’s that one thing you can do better than anyone you know, or at least anyone in your immediate circle – OK to have people to aspire to and learn from.  Besides, you are still truly unique.

3. What resources can you bring to those you serve?  Time, skill, information, a special flair, etc.

4. What are your objectives and long range goals for income, lifestyle?

5. Where is there a “Hungry Crowd”?  Where is there pain or desire you can quench?

There you have it – put some time into answering these questions and you will harvest income and satisfaction.