Marketing is…

I was listening to Jay Abraham yesterday and he said something that really struck me as the most concise and accurate and interesting definition of what marketing is that I’ve ever heard.  I think what I especially liked about it was how it captures the spirit of how we as entrepreneurs relate to our businesses.

He said, “Marketing really IS the education of our prospects and customers to appreciate and desire the results that our products and services can provide for them.

He also went on to say, and I think this is often overlooked, “…And it doesn’t stop with your prospect becoming a customer.  You take every opportunity to make your customers aware that you fulfill their needs and desires better than anyone else can.”

One way to educate your customers that can be a lot of fun is web TV.  For a couple of great examples go to YouTube and watch anything by Gary Vaynerchuck, author of the excellent book, Crush It.  Starting with just a cheap flip video camera, he went online and from his family’s small liquor store created a wine business grossing over $60,000,000!

You don’t have to be Vaynerchuck – you can do this.  For a  ‘how-to’ channel on YouTube, look up with Charlie McDermott, winner of the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Marketer of the Year Award in 2010.

And web TV is just one of so many media you can be in.  The point that Abraham makes is you want to be out there with as many of them as you possibly can.  And don’t forget, we can help you with that.

Well, happy viewing and best of success in your implementing!