Anatomy of a “Sneaky” Promotion

Over 125 years ago, P.T. Barnum, the “King of Promotion” said in reply to a man complaining about his failed advertising attempt, “Advertising is like learning– a little is a dangerous thing.”

PT Barnum with Tom Thumb

PT Barnum with Tom Thumb

He also said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens – nothing!”

One of the most perplexing issues that has always dogged event promoters is how to gain the favorable attention of enough of the few ideal prospects in their market who are ready, willing and able to step up and pay the price in order to make the event a success.

Ever wonder how the top marketers make it look so easy (It isn’t, though it may appear to be)?

Follows is a snapshot of just one slice of very successful promotion for a webinar called “13 Sneaky Email Tricks” by, “notorious” digital marketer – and friend – Ryan Deiss.  For this article, we’ll look at just four out of multiple steps, from email to purchase completion to upsell.

To set the stage, the object of the game is to pack a paid webinar event that in turn promotes a live event.  We start with…

Step 1: Email invitation (Example typical of several emails sent in sequence, depending on point at which reader opts in)

Check out the “rhythm” of content then offer as you read down the page.  Also notice how it’s brief, probably can be read from above the fold on most machines.  I didn’t check it on a mobile device at the time, but that’s a must any more is making your emails readable on a smart phone or tablet.



Next, Step 2, a Landing Page you arrive at when clicking one of the offer links:

Notice how the landing page fulfills the offer made in the email and recaptures your attention with the “13 Sneaky Little Email Tricks”.  This type of “grabber” is one you’re not supposed to be fascinated by, but it’s kind of hard to ignore, like the accident on the side of the road…you know you shouldn’t be interested, but you just can’t resist at least glancing at it as you drive by.

More importantly, it’s followed immediately bye a bold promise: “Triple Your Open Rates…”

13 Sneaky Email Tricks Webinar Sales Page

Let’s say you like what you see well enough to click the “Add To Cart” button all the way at the bottom of the sales letter… What then?

Glad you asked.  Here’s Step 3, the Order Form:

You may not be able to read them, but those are a list of benefits followed by testimonials in the large right side bar:

13 Sneak Email Tricks Webinar Order FormNotice the copy on the right sidebar (too small to read, but you can get the gist).

It’s a brilliant combination of design and the right sequence of messages on the right, so as you are filling out the form you get 1) reminded of why you feel excited enough to overcome any anxiety holding you back (benefits), you are assured by others’ it’s okay to buy (testimonials) and finally as you reach the order button, you see an assuring blue emblem, designed to give you confidence it’s safe to place the order.

Finally you take the plunge – in this case, investing your seven dollars… Now what?

13 Sneaky Email Tricks Webinar Success Page

Aha! Another offer!

Step 4 presents even MORE information, entering the conversation going on in the buyer’s mind at this point.  Again, brilliant.  We are more open to influence immediately AFTER making a purchase and smart marketers do not miss this opportunity.  This is the step in most e-commerce transactions that separates the real players from the wannabes.  This is not what I want for you – Make another offer at this step whenever and wherever you can in your sales process!

That’s all we have space for here, but we’re not even halfway through this campaign yet.

Dan Kennedy advises you never underestimate the difficulty of putting “butts in seats” at an event.  If you’ve ever seen any of his hundreds of promotion campaigns, you know he doesn’t mess around.

The point is, a successful promotion requires multiple steps, in multiple media and with multiple “modalities” (more on that later) – and a lot of skillful marketing at each stage.