Boost Response… Without Spending a Dime

I’m writing this because I want to explore with you a couple of
ways to improve response to your offerings; You can make a
better offer or you can make your offer to a better list.

Sir Gary Halbert, the “Prince of Print” said the number one way
to boost response is to get a better list. You can buy or rent a
list, find a joint venture partner or just better segment your
present list.

With your present list, are you telling the same story to men
and women?  Different age groups?  Zip codes? Income levels?

When you narrow down your ideal customer profile, it’s easier to
imagine your “Avatar”; a composite of all the members in your

Example: Jim is 42 years old, lives in a town of 5,000 in
Wisconsin, is married with two kids in high school, works as an
insurance adjuster and coaches his daughter’s lacrosse team,
sneaks off to play a round of golf when he gets a chance.

Once you have a clear picture, writing an offer that “Jim” will
respond to is easier.

So if you’re able to segment your list and make more targeted
offers you may have created a new list without spending a dime.
And you don’t have to write a whole new ad; just tweaks to the
same ad for different lists can boost response.

Was this helpful?  Did you get something you can try out?