Godzilla vs. Facebook

This week Facebook surpassed a billion users.

But the giant Google has awakened from it’s social slumber and is on the war path, armed with it’s antidote to Facebook, Google Plus.

So, taking a tip from my kids, today we ask…

“In a fight to the death, who would win – Godzilla or King Kong?”

No? Too irrelevant? Okay, how about…

Google+ vs. Facebook!

Hmmm… I mean – why not? They’re both skyscraper-climbing behemoths dueling for world (if not inter-galactic) domination, right?

Plus, who knows… Maybe we’ll discover something we could use to attract more of the kind of customers we believe in and want to work with!

Okay, before you place bets on who would win, let’s look at how us little guys can capitalize on the big battle…

Facebook for business – fab marketing vehicle, or giant time suck?

With now over a billion users worldwide, can you afford to ignore Facebook?

There are three things you need to know about this monster:

1. Facebook Ads – Depending on your business, this may be the most cost effective way on the ‘net to win new customers: a) drive traffic to your Facebook (not your web site) landing page, b) Bear in mind, unlike in Google search, Facebook followers are seeking escape, not a specific objective and c) gather and capture leads from Facebook that you can nurture and sell in your own media, such as email, direct mail, etc.

2. Facebook Groups – Grow a community around how your business makes a difference in the world. Actually saves you time because community members answer questions and (if you take care of your community) defend you against critics. Plus, you are nurturing your evangelists and getting real time data on how to better align with your ideal clients.

3. Invite people to follow you off Facebook (the street) and into your “living room” (contact database) as soon as possible – Can’t stress this enough: You don’t own your following on Facebook. Smart marketers take followers into their contact database with an “ethical bribe”, such as a contest, sweepstakes, coupon, special report, “online seminar”, etc.

Bonus Tip: When you think Facebook, think “Escape”. That’s why people hang out in Facebook. Not to do business. For that, search using Google. That means you attract followers on facebook, but you sell to them elsewhere.

Okay, keeping score? Now let’s take a look at…

Google+ for business – Play nice with the new kid on the block

How does Google+ help your business? Next week we’ll count the ways – Stay tuned…

To your success.