It’s “Simply” Amazing

…what you can do without.

Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend, as I did.

My son Keegan and I had an incredible “father-son” adventure moving to simpler digs.

And challenging as it was, Wow! The sweetness of simplifying is worth sharing.

As we buckle down to work in the new week – and fall season, let me share with you 3 things I’m doing to simplify and streamline my life and business:

1.    Computers – From 3 to 1

I was running my business on 2 laptops, a desktop and an Android phone.  The older laptop died last week and it got me thinking, why not just scale the whole thing down.  With docking options, like Apple’s Thunderbolt, and cloud technology, having a lot of equipment around is just not necessary.

2.    Paper
The weight of paper hits home when you have to box it up and carry it somewhere.  When I looked at old files I’d been collecting for years, I realized there was value there – but not on the paper.  All that stuff can be digitized and then later selectively turned into paper again with a few keystrokes.

3.    Business focus
Here’s the biggie.  On Friday of last week as I was getting ready to move, it struck me how complicated life gets when you overcommit. Sure, it’s a good way to stretch, but every so often it’s good to take a high level view and pare down to a few essential areas.  Absolute requirement for excelling in a given field – laser focus.  Look at your commitments through an 80-20 lens; what are you doing with the least effort that yields the greatest reward?


To your wildest success