Lady Gaga’s Formula

Can you make money with “social marketing”?

I just returned from a mastermind meeting with an armload of facebook marketing strategies – powerful, fun stuff. One of my mastermind partners is getting about a 3 to 1 return on a facebook ad, not counting some relatively minor fees paid to a programmer to set things up. And he worked on it just a few minutes every morning before toddling off to work!

Facebook makes it relatively easy to find your target market’s sweet spot.. The trick is monetizing it. Check out Lady Gaga’s page. Here’s her formula: Community + Catalog = Cash.

As promised last week, here are some tips, 7 to be exact, for getting best results from your next survey:

1. Run a survey on facebook (or elsewhere) with a prize drawing

2. Offer to report results back to participants

3. Treat your survey like any other offer – offer an incentive, but give it a deadline to create a sense of urgency

4. Ask an open ended question, such as, “If you could wave a magic wand and solve any challenge, what would it be?”

5. Go for multiple choice in all other questions – people prefer multi-choice because it’s easier and quicker and you don’t have to think as much

6. Promise it will be short and make good on your promise. If more than 20 questions, make any questions above 20 optional.

7. Keep the readers interest by sequencing questions that challenge commonly held beliefs, and imply solutions.

Then when you get the results, be sure to share them with readers, and study carefully to get a crystal clear picture of your prospects and clients.