Marketing Content for Small Business; A Sure-Fire Method for Building Client-Getting SEO

Hemingway said, “Writing is easy. You just sit down at the typewriter and start bleeding.”

Ever sat there staring at a computer screen or blank piece of paper wondering what to say while time is a wastin’?

Tick, tick, tick…

One of the toughest things about being a perfectionist in business is you’ve normally got an impossible schedule to stick to.

Never fear, relief is on the way… Here are three tips to help you get your sales copy DONE (on time):

1. Write. Whether you feel like it or not. Next time you don’t feel like writing, I want you to ask yourself one question: “So what?” Like the Nike commercial says, just do it.

2. Block out a TIME and a PLACE for yourself where you can take out all distractions. Whatever helps you concentrate, leave that in your space.

Anything that steals your attention, neutralize it – email, phone, facebook, fax, doorbell, kids, whatever…

3. Let your vast subconscious, subliminal mind, whatever you want to call it, do the heavy lifting for you.

I like to ask myself the night before I have a writing project what I can say. Sure enough in the morning, there’s usually an abundance of answers, then it’s just a matter of banging it out on the keyboard.

Sure, writing is a pain, but in the internet age original content is more valuable than ever – and a great way to skyrocket your business – as I’ve discovered!

Of course, if you’re not consistently churning out client-getting content the easiest solution is to grow your list with a simple weekly email newsletter.  For more on that, click here.