One of the Best Marketing Ideas for Small Business…

small business successRemember the original name of the George Foreman Grill? (Not a trick question…)

I don’t know if you realize what a runaway hit this product was, but called the “George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine” it was netting George $4.5 million a month during its heyday. He made $139M when Salton finally bought him out in 1999.

Even world champion boxers don’t make that kind of serious dough in the ring…

Before being hooked up with George Foreman, the actual grill had been around for years, just another “kitchen appliance” gathering dust, sales languishing…

But when it was packaged in a way that hooked into a big WANT shared by millions of consumers, sales exploded.

Why so popular all of a sudden?

The reason is, in their minds, consumers (maybe you were one – I was) weren’t just buying an appliance. They were buying an attractive image of themselves, a vision of looking in the mirror and seeing ten or twenty pounds gone.

And they bought that image, literally by the boatload.

Here was the equation:

A) George Foreman had just reclaimed his world heavyweight boxing championship, and had done it, so the story goes, with a healthy lifestyle and lean diet. He was a recognizable, likeable winner, the epitome of “Lean and Mean”.

B) The George Foreman Grill that appeared right there on your TV, with the world champ actually showing you how it worked, unlocked a slimmer, healthier body for you.

And, at a ridiculously low price for such a huge benefit!

A + B = Runaway hit product Whereas before the packaging this little appliance was as lonely as the Maytag repairman.

So, how can you apply this to your business?

Is there an ordinary seeming product or service you offer that would produce a lot more revenue for you if you simply packaged it to represent a real answer to a deep-seated desire that your customers have?

One way to find out is to simply talk to your customers… Listen for how what your company does for them satisfies a real need.

If you sell bicycles for instance, are they buying a bike – or an experience?

Could it be the thrill of passing a competitor in a race, of going for a ride with the kids on a Sunday afternoon, of finally getting in better shape by biking instead of taking the car occasionally?

Now what would an extra 10% or more – possibly WAY more – on the bottom line mean for your business?

Get involved with your customers – call them up, send a survey, hang out – and get “heart to heart” with them.

Maybe you’ll find a Clark Kent product in your offerings that could be Superman in disguise…

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