The 3 Rules for Customer Engagement

Hey, I gotta tell you about Jermaine…

as you know, I am always on the lookout for cool marketing strategies.

Well Jermaine Griggs started his web site in his bedroom as a kid at his grandma’s house in the inner city of L.A.

By the time he was 17 he was making six figures.

In 2012 he won the Infusionsoft Marketer of the Year competition, but more significantly his site now generates in the tens of millions in revenue, all with just a handful of people and himself.

Piano teacher, right? Doesn’t even read music (doesn’t need to, anyway)…

So here’s the cool thing, I got to peek behind the curtain at what he’s doing and I think it’s pretty unique… and obviously it’s working for him.

Jermaine is all about collecting data to build a list of “fans for life”. Here’s what he says about collecting (and using) data about your customers:

  • The more you collect, the more you know…
  • The more you know, the better you can relate…
  • The better you can relate, the more effective you’ll be…
  • The more effective, the more sales you’ll make…
  • The more sales you make, the more customers you get…
  • The more customers you get, the more “fans for life” you create! And he’s not talking broad segments of his list. He tracks his prospects’ and customers’ every move. You can hardly blink without Jermaine noticing and putting you into a different track…

How does he do it?

In a word, the key is
interactivity. He interacts with his customers. Two way communication. Not just outbound messaging, but a constant, real two-way dialogue.

I talk about this
in my workshop, “Copywriting for the Web”.

Now I won’t kid you, there’s a lot to it, but here are three quick things you can pick up from Jermaine’s system:

Ask. In every communication with a customer or prospect, ASK how they feel about things. Put links in your emails, comment boxes in social media, a phone number they can call. And ASK.

Track. Record the data. Add it to each contact record. Obviously you will need some type of a system, at least a spreadsheet or database and preferably an integrated marketing system like Infusionsoft.

Respond. When you know how they feel, give them what they want, or at least “enter the conversation already going on in their mind”. You will be more effective, and as Jermaine says, the more effective you are, the more sales you make, etc.

There you have it in a nutshell. Ask, Track, Respond.

I know, I know, it takes a little work up front… But hey, if a 17 year old inner city kid with no dough can do it, why not you?

To your success and beyond!


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
~ Michael LeBoeuf, courtesy BrainyQuote