What’s bugging YOUR clients?

In doing a “post-mortem” for a client on a recent campaign, we found that although through affiliates we reached a lot of people, that all of his buyers were from his existing list.

It drives home the importance of developing not just a list, but relationship with that list. When people make a personal connection with you and connect something you have that solves a pain, problem or predicament they have, then obviously, if it’s believable, they may invest in your offering, to get relief.

How do you build that relationship with your ideal clients?

Here are 3 steps you can take:

1. Get clear what’s bugging them that you can fix
2. Demonstrate how you’ve fixed it in a way nobody in your space can
3. Let others tell your story for you with testimonials

Quick tip for #1: Ask. Offer a survey with incentive, phone call to check in, hang out where they hang out – social media, or in person.

More soon…