Why You Need Offline Lead Generation

If there’s one thing that there never seems to be enough it’s traffic. I mean the good kind – that visits your landing page, calls your 24 hour toll free recorded message, stops by your shop…

Coincidentally, this year’s “Tax Freedom Day”* and last day to file your 1040 and current quarterly and payroll taxes happened to fall on the same day, April 17 this past week. In a sense, it’s like every dollar you made starting Wednesday and going through the rest of the year is yours to keep.

Kinda’ makes the game a little more interesting when you think of it that way, huh? Could you think of a more appropriate national holiday?

Or, like most holidays, would the rest of the world take off while we plot and scheme and work hard to serve others and make a buck – 100% tax free – for our efforts?

There’s that “F” word again. Free.

It’s got such a beautiful ring to it.

It’s the bargain you deserve to get. The physical and legal lack of restraint. Financial bliss. Or, as Victor Frankl and other “Old souls” have described it, a state of mind.

So what’s all this got to do with traffic?

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google recently expressed concerns about attacks on the web from governments like China, Russia and Syria to companies like Apple and Facebook with their restrictive platforms that, he claims, stifle innovation and inhibit free access, to Hollywood in its attempts to protect intellectual property.

Think the web is free forever? Think again. There’s an intensifying battle between governments, companies, military strategists, activists and hackers to gain control.

Enjoy it, profit from it while you can, and by all means do what you can to protect it. But, as you know, one is the most dangerous number. And in the case of the internet, not something to take for granted.

So how does this affect your marketing strategy? Are you completely dependent on the web for new traffic? Maybe we’ll look at some alternate media in another issue. There may be some pleasant surprises for you out there…

Stay tuned.

Best of success,
– Mike

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“A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.”

~ Thomas Jefferson